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December 03, 2005


Adrian Savage

I couldn't agree more about untested assumptions that get in people's way. Just one point, though. Reality is exactly what they need to see. It's their assumptions they need to question. Generally, reality is beckoning them on, while their assumptions and conditioning is holding them back for no good reason.


Curt Rosengren

Adrian, I'm using "reality" here as a pretty subjective concept (you'll note it has quotation marks around it). It's not absolute truth, it's perceived truth. It's what we see when we look at the world through our assumptions. What we see as reality is often nothing more than a projection of those assumptions and that conditioning.

I think we're talking about basically the same thing. :)

EM Sky

Thanks for the referral, Curt! I have a link to your new Sustainable Future blog on my own site. Terrific stuff!

And now, if you'll allow me to indulge in a bit of shameless self-promotion... I'd just like to add for those who might be interested that my blog does not cater only to those "of the math geek persuasion." (And even the posts with that kind of bent are designed to be digested by everyone, not just by mathematicians, as you were kind enough to point out.)

In fact, I am deeply committed to presenting a harmonious blend of left- and right-brain approaches to business, to society, and to life in general. So for those of you who are not "of the math geek persuasion" (Curt, you crack me up) I promise you won't feel out of place if you drop by for a visit.

Thanks again, Curt,
- EM Sky

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