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October 17, 2005


Hiren Shah

Some of the greatest industrialists in the world have achieved their success because of swift implementation of their projects. Aren't politicians blamed for shoddy implementation?Same holds true for the individual. Self-help books keep repeating the "Do-it now" philosophy.Dreaming is a double edged sword. It has to be meshed with reality as to what is possible to achieve in a particular occupation. Curt has correctly pointed out the word "doable". The goals have to be realistic otherwise commiting to them may not have much meaning.
In team work, execution and implementation would involve complmentary synergies-how well the team members complement and supplement each other?

Don Bennett

Love your site, A learning tool for me, My cry is reflected back to me here, Mw cry is "Discover Me"
I have Talent ,I have Value. Thanks

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