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September 02, 2005




I thought Gandhi had said "You be the change you wish to see in the world" This is one of my favourite quites too. Just thought the 'You' made the message a lot more impactful.

Curt Rosengren

Hmmmm...I just did a search on gandhi be the change, and found multiple versions:

* Be the change you wish to see in the world.
* You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
* We must be the change we wish to see in the world.

Does anybody know where the quote came from, and which one is correct? I've got my "Essential Gandhi" book, but it's too thick to flip through to try to find it.

Phil Gerbyshak

As a writer, I think this is a GREAT idea for putting your favorite quotes to work for you. I try to take my favorite quote and work them into a post at least once a month, find a book that relates to that idea (could be by the quoter, but doesn't have to be), and then write about it. Sometimes it inspires me to create my own quotes too.

Thanks for sharing Curt. Sorry I can't be of more help on the Gandhi quest.

Tino Buntic

It could be possible that all three quotes are correct. Maybe this is something that Ghandi said often and, if so, there would be different variations of it.

Hiren Shah

Though "Be the change that you want to be in the world" is desirable most of the times, it is again a selective truth that is not absolutely necessary. Peter Drucker had said, " Those who excel at something are rarely able to explain it" There are people who are ablt to walk the talk, there are people who can only talk, there are people who may only walk and there are people who can do both well which is what Gandhi was referring to. There are some great players who do not make good coaches and captains and vice-versa. This is the conceptualiser-expereiencer principle. Every great conceptualiser in not a great experiencer and vice versa. You can also effect change if you are an orator which is what Hitler was though unfortunately for the wrong ends.

Debbe Kennedy, Global Dialogue Center

I love quotes too. ...and I am happy I landed on your blog by chance so I learned you do also.

A couple places in my house I have one of Gandhi's quotes framed so I see it often during the day as a measurement of every action.

"My life is my message."

Do you know the story that goes with it?


Debbe Kennedy
Founder, Global Dialogue Center

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