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September 01, 2005


Hiren Shah

Steve pavolina has used the word "uniquely you" instead of the word genius. It could be a trait instead of something knowledge based. For example two of our actresses have a phenomenaal smile which makes them stand out among their contemporaries though everybody looks good when they smile. Knowledge based genius is likely to be restricted to a particular area or a sub area. It is said that hobbies are more a measure of a man than profession is. So the genius maybe found in hobbies, values, volunteer work etc.

Hiren Shah

The word genius may be a little too strong because that connotes excellence whereas we are trying ot find out what the basic talent is. "Spontaneous ability/talent/skill" maybe a little more appropriate in my view.

Small Business Coach

Great Post. Finding something that will "work for now" is the ultimate cop out that is most frequently rested upon. Refreshing questions. Provide Clarity.

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