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August 21, 2005


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Forget How You Feel!

from The Coyote Within
Western society as a whole, especially the American version, is obsessed with feelings and emotions and gives them far too much importance. The truth is that we have little or no control over our emotions. We feel how we feel, whether it's appropriate ... [Read More]

» Are you dynamically optimistic? from 2Weeks2aBreakthrough
I like this post from Curt, over at Occupational Adventure called Dynamic Optimism. Curt shares an article by the same name that seems to combine optimisn with action. It's worth a read! [Read More]


Adrian Savage

Action is always what matters. What we think and feel is interesting to us, but has zero effect on the world until we turn it into action.

The most truly oprtimistic approach is to see whatever needs to be done and do it, regardless of how you feel at the time.

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