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June 27, 2005



Good advice- I don't know how many friends I've told to interview someone in the "dream job" they are looking for. There are several reasons- a) to make sure they know what the "dream job" really entails b) to find out what they need to do their "dream job" and c) to find out how to get to it. Finding your dream job is hard work and if you don't ask questions it is a lot harder to find what you are looking for (you may not even really know what you are looking for until you ask some good in-depth questions).


Thanks for you great post. I, like many, am seeking my "dream job" and have directions I'd like to head in. I can think of no one in my circle of friends, family, and work contacts that have any relation to my desired "dream job". Any suggestions on how to interview the right people? Send them an email? What if they operate only on the web?

Everything Counts

Planning in almost all our actions is essential if we want to complete the action to the nearest perfection. Setting up goals also reduces our mental stress. Once we have chalked out a path to follow, all we need is to stick to it. They also define how we prioritize things and therefore define ourselves. The last thing is sticking up to what we set up ourselves.

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