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April 11, 2005




A few ways, that I find work meaningful

1. Ability to work with different people and learn from them.

I love the concept of working in an office and interacting with people. Learning and sharing is important and that is why work has sustained through ages

2. Developing or Producing things

The joy of seeing the software our team has developed running mission-critical functions for a customer organization gives the satisfaction of all the hard work which went into making it possible

3. Security

Work gives me the secure feeling that my life is under control. I am not sure if I would know what to do with the time I have, I did not have to work. I am sure I will still work at something.



The 'meaning' in work for me seems to be derived from a sense of advancement:

Not just in monetary terms or career goals, but more importantly in terms of knowledge, abilities and horizons.

Without this, no matter what I made, or how far I got, I'd hate my job.

Arnie Herz

What makes my work as a lawyer, mediator, speaker and consultant meaningful? The ability to positively impact people’s lives by helping them achieve meaningful goals, honor larger life interests and boost their overall wellbeing. For example, when I help someone resolve a dispute or close a deal in a way that averts significant expense, aggravation, upset and undue risk while giving them a sense of relief, expansion and new possibilities. Or, when I coach other practitioners on optimizing their skills, success and satisfaction in the law. I also find great meaning in my clients’ expressions of gratitude for my counseling and representation. Their appreciation reflects the value I’ve added to their lives. I ascribe much meaning to my financial success, since it reflects the tremendous investment of time, effort and soul that I put into my daily work. Finally, I find enormous meaning in my ability to foster a work life that does not crowd out my other priorities. Work would be devoid of meaning if it didn’t afford me ample time to be with my family, do yoga, go on vacation, learn and grow as a human being.


Meaningful can mean many different things to many people.

For me, it is knowing that the work I do in some contributes to peoples lives, helps people directly or indirectly and/or engages with the world.

I find corporate jobs such as consulting, investment banking etc to be soulless. It's just making money for the sake of making money with no real benefit to society at large. Money can satisfy our material wants, but we are not just material creatures...

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