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March 23, 2005


Troy Worman

Thanks for the list, Curt! I hope all is well. Following is my list of words to live by: belief, calmness, courage, determination, enthusiasm, focus, grace, momentum, optimism, patience...

Derek Woolverton

Is the "move" a short term thing: like, "stop sitting on your ass"; or is it, "get out of your comfortable life and relocate halfway across the country where you'll have to solve you're whole life all over again." The lazy side of me hopes for the first, but the part of me that knows that change can be good suspects the second would be much more effective.

Lori Richardson

Thanks for your continued great posts, Curt. My mom is battling lung cancer and it amazes me how many people think that she, at 80, should just "pack it in" and be done with life. She is a fighter and has the most optimistic attitude - certainly inspiring many others around her (not the naysayers). Being happy - not about having a disease, but in the dedication to fighting for all you've got certainly is a powerful example to me.

Curt Rosengren

Lori, she sounds like she has the perfect attitude for healing. I know my dad's positive outlook made it so much easier for the rest of us to focus our energy on his getting through his cancer with flying colors. It makes all the difference in the world.

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