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January 30, 2005


David McQueen

It would be interesting to see how many managers see this is an essential part of career development of their staff.

Surely if you are a happy it makes for a more productive environment and reduction in conflict.

Keep up the good work Curt

Hiren shah

Curt is absolutely right. A majority of time has to be spent on the workplace as most of the waking hours go there. If one is grossly dissatisfied it is bound to lead to serious trouble.

The great mystic, Osho said that people came to him to learn meditation to be happy. He said that they were under a wrong impression. He said that when people are in the occupation of their liking , they are automatically mediatve and hense happy. "He said that when you are meditative, you are happy and not the other way around"
I have myself done yoga and meditation for a number of years but to no avail because one hour of yoga/meditation followed by 10 hours of misery in a gross imbalance. In exteme cases, Yoga cannot help.

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