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January 26, 2005



Three comments:

One - Yes, passion is a critical element of becoming or remaining a successful entrepreneur. Probably because passion fuels perseverence, and as any entrepreneur who's heard "you want to do WHAT?" or "that will never work" can attest, if your passion for your idea wavers, so does the work.

Two - Passion has to be complemented by doses of reality, including an awareness of what you're good or great at, and what you need others to help you be great at. Being passionate but unskilled in critical disciplines and/or unwilling to complement ones own weaknesses with others strengths will rarely lead to success.

Three - if you're moving from an entrepreneurial business to the public sector or a more conservative company, prepare for culture shock. In large doses. Not only is an entrepreneurial outlook unusual in some circumstances, being passionate about ones endeavours can also be offputting. Which sucks, but its life. Be you, but be you in a way that will allow you to be successful.


Hiren Shah

Charles Shcwab said, "Nothing great was achieved without Enthusiasm." Thomas Edison worked 18 hours a day and said that it was all fun. Henri Ford and Akio Morita left their family businesses to become world famous entrepreneurs. It is doubutful that they would have got the same success in their family business because of lack of passion.

Hiren Shah

I would also like to comment on what chris has said. Passion has indeed to be supported by doses or reality. The service or product for which you may have the passion has to be needed in the world. Otherwise you may have to do one job for money and another for satisfaction. Chris is right in following the concept of "supermind". Better get people to supplement and complement your talent to make your passion fructify.

Bootstrap business

I'd agree - entrepreneurship is really all about passion. It also comes with the drive to achieve what the entrepreneur wants - while keeping it real.

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