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December 17, 2004



a few years ago i learned that i am also an "idea machine". realizing this made me feel a lot better about being quieter than some of the other members in a brainstorming session. i would contribute some, but often i'd mull and come back with a battery of amazing ideas a few hours later. it's good to grow, stretch yourself, but it's also good to embrace your personal style and make it work for you.

first time i've posted here, btw. good stuff curt, keep it up! :-)

Troy Worman

Excellent post.

I am an idea machine, as well, sometimes to my detriment. Early in my career I came across has having a lack of focus or a lack of attention to detail, because I was unable to boil down my conceptional ideas into digestable nuggets. Overtime, I have learned how to control the flow a bit--long enough to apply some structure--some scientific method--to frame up the notion for the selling.

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