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September 04, 2004



..And if you already found something to invent you might want to check out !

Curt Rosengren

Great resource Sandra. Thanks!

Robert Bell

Thank you for your kind comments on BEERBRELLA, which was also recently featured in the November 2004 issue of SMITHSONIAN Magazine. Now I am being mocked on a national scale.

I wrote this Patent as an exercise, but for some reason (probably because of the title) it has taken off on the 'net and elsewhere (MSNBC, New York Times, Reader's Digest). Apparently I struck a nerve. It is featured on several websites, chat groups, and blogs as well.

During prosecution, the Examiner cited five other Patents on basically the same or a similar idea. But none of them were titled "Beerbrella", so they are relegated to obscurity.

And oddly enough, I am getting inquiries about manufacturing the product!



Meredith Wharton

The Wonder Butt Bra may not be such a bad idea. Women are willing to pay $200 for jeans these days--just because of how they make their butt look. It's because they work like a "Bra" for your bottom. If there were underwear that could do the same thing--women would buy 'em.

Sharbel Asmar

In response to Meredith, there are a lot of products out there to lift and round the buttocks. has a butt bra, silicone buttocks, padded panties, etc.
I guess the Wonder butt bra invention is legit.

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