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June 12, 2004



I wanted to tell you that last year, in August, my daughter had a friend coming to our house for a visit. He was being driven by his dad (who is an ER physician)to the airport from TN...and one mile from their house they hit a pole head on. It took them 3 hours to cut him out of the car and he was in a coma for a week. They didn't expect him to survive and if he did...he would not have been in a good state. Long story short...he survived and is nearly fully recovered! It is an amazing story & journey that we have been on for a year now. He recovered and was home inside of a month and resumed all normal activities within 2 months! He is fine! We had many, many people praying and sending healing energy and reiki to him and his family. They brought his catscans to a medical conference because they can't figure out he survived! I want to tell your friend that we'll be sending healing energy their way and I'll forward your post to everyone I know. One thing that Bryans mom did for him was read to him constantly books he liked as a child while he was in the coma, and they played all of his favorite music for him. I send healing prayers!


The "soft" stuff in medicine -- music and dialogue with the patient, not to mention prayer -- does work. I can tell you from first-hand experience with a head-injured relative. While she was in a coma, we played her favorite music on headphones, we read to her, we made sure there was lots of personal and even political (and argumentative) conversations in and around her. It took 2 1/2 weeks, but she came out of her coma and now, 15 years later, she is back to being a full member of our family. Keep the faith...

Jim Stroud

My heart and prayers go out to this couple. I pray and expect miracles to happen and good news to be reported. IJN Amen


Every time I hear these stories I am taken back to the 2 weeks we spent in the Neuro ICU with my father after he fell off a trampoline (don't ask). As a small town Doctor he is well known and respected by many in his community - the energy (prayers, healing touch, best wishes books, Native Indian prayer cerimonies(sp), etc) was literally a physical prescence - that to this day my Dad swears is what brought him through (was not expected to make it through the first night). Within in two years of very very intensive rehab he was cleared to practice medicine again but chose not (still gets quite tired).
I guess my point is that positive energy directed to Tara, in what ever form, WILL make a difference.
By the looks of the comments here and from what I could see from the website she is gettting that.
She is definetly getting some of my good Mojo!


I really feel for this couple. My brother was in an accident and had no insurance. The medical profession would not treat him cause he did not have the money.
This couple needs lots of prayers, but they also need bucks. I just sent $25 with Paypal They need lot of thousands or people to give $5 or $10. Prayers help, but the hospital won't accept them as payment.

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