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January 25, 2004



I was wondering if/when you'd get to this. I've been doing Reiki for a couple of years, and learning Shiatsu now - wonderful work! Although I work full-time in another field, this has begun to supplement my income and I hope to do this full-time in the near future.

lisa everett

I wanna job in natural healing!!I think I would really enjoy it.What's more I believe I truly should be in the field.The experience I have is in phlebotomy with medical assistant skills.I worked on a blood mobile for 6 years.


NATURAL SPIRITUAL HEALING is the best complementary and Holistic treatment I have ever experienced. I have trained as a Natural Spiritual Healer with on-going learnings and progress and I have had in-depth training via the "Self Realization Meditation Healing Centres" Which are world wide. Their professional training in this field is very NOW and very Progressive for ourselves and these times we are living in, in the world today.

I would thoroughly recommend the Centres for their courses and retreats for personal needs and growth and also if you wanted to take it further in helping others also.

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