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December 30, 2003


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» Networking for shy people from 3rd House Party
The Occupational Adventure Blog [Read More]

» shy from boynton
not long after reading that shyness can be deadly, I encountered Networking For Shy People (via rebecca's pocket). Learning how to enjoy a room means to be able to walk into a roomful of people and acknowledge that they are... [Read More]



Aar! Thank you! Which ones will give me a spine? I'll check these out.


Curt - Thank you!! You've done a great service here. I'm planning a new effort at drumming up business starting the first of the year. Your links will be big boost.

entire peelridingtaken


Thanks alot for putting this list of links together. Ive always been just too shy and reserved to really get out there and network. Hopefully these articles will help.

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