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September 30, 2003


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» Occupational Adventure from John Porcaro: mktg&msft
One of the folks that was at the Company of Friends event last night was Curt Rosengren. I really liked listening to Curt's ideas about finding passion in what you do, and making your dreams reality. His business card says [Read More]

» Occupational Adventure from Broadband and Me
Via John Porcaro who gets to go to interesting meetings :) is a posting about a new blog by Curt Rosengren, called Occupational Adventure. The 'kind of' opening, introductory postIn the Beginning explains the title: the central theme of Occupational... [Read More]

» The Search for Significance from Rodent Regatta
There is so much going on right now. Steven Vore pointed to a weblog (and person) that's new to me.... [Read More]



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