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May 08, 2006



i think the best alternative fuel vehicle are our legs. if we walked more we wouldn't need to use as much fuel.

Razib Ahmed

Due to the increase in the price of oil in the internaional market, alternative fuel cars are becoming more and more relevant to us. For example, almost all the major car companies in the Indian market (both foreign and local) are now taking the matter of diesel power cars very seriously (


i think that by turning to hydrogen based cars, the environment and society will become much less depend on foreign oil. In addition, it would create healthier surroundings

Hybrid Car News

All of the alternative fuel vehicles we have so far come up with still require non-renewable resources to function. How many crops do we have to grow in order to fuel our cars with biodiesel? Hydrogen fuel still needs to be extracted from water (using energy in the process). The only truly renewable form of transportation seems to be pedal power, but I'm not sure that most people are ready to expend the personal energy required to get around this way.

some guy

hi everyone! wow what a boring convo!

Reden Rodriguez

I am thinking of getting the first available hybrid car to roll off the shelves of Honda here in the Philippines. Unfortunately, it isnt offered here. I want to get one because as the article says, i want a cure for my guilty conscience and i want to help preserve what little environmental purity we have. But i am also very interested on biodiesel, because from a tech-standpoint, it does offer more kick than your regular diesel. So, lets hope to hear about more of that soon, eh?


I stumbled upon this site while I was doing some online research. I have heard so much conflicting info about these cars. Some say they save energy and others say this is more hype than anything else. It's very confusing to know who to believe.


who cares

Scott Secckman

Whoever reads this info please check out an alternative fuel that has really taken off but needs financial backing called "Pigoline". A friend of mine was at the demonstration of this new fuel and he says it is a scientific breakthrough!! Thanks.

jimmy chenga

well. after reading this i have come to two conclusions

1)people need weeners


2)thank the lordy i have one


butt pirate


I think that we should have started using energy efficient cars a long time ago. Just think that the only true times that technology took a big leap forward was during wars and other times that were do or die. I think its sad that we arent going to do all that much about global warming ect until its to late. people should just take the train or cycle or walk. the other day i saw someone drive their car down the road to the gym, so that they could run on a tread mill!! why?!

It's good to hear BP & GM talk about alternative fuels, but 50 years to implement is too long.

Perhaps this link will spark more attention:

It is GM's electric concept car the Chevy Volt. If more people begin to demand alternative fuel cars, we should be able to speed the rate at which the technology is developed.

We have started an Investor Forum where Investors can meet and discuss topics like this:


i like gasoline

Harry Pencil

This sucks and I hate it. Just walk and ride your skateboard to get around. Its the best solution to everything. Just go crazy. have fun

Harry Pencil

This sucks and I hate it. Just walk and ride your skateboard to get around. Its the best solution to everything. Just go crazy. have fun

gordon larson

skate to get around weener


what about my Hot Rod,if theres no gas to burn,what about us? do we wind up a big spring, with a very big flywheel, and some how engage once it starts to spin?


so where do i buy a propane carbureters?
PS..just as fast...ed


that's going add extra pounds to my race car.......


If you've been wondering about water fuel. Look no further!


I think the alternative fuel will be good for America because it will help the environment

Sharp Ice

Sometimes when I'm driving my car I dream of the day when cars will run on hydrogen. Then it occurs to me that I should stop dreaming and wake up to prevent crashing my car. But untill then, my heart goes out to those fine strapping scientist whom are researching alternative fuels. Remember, children are our future, so let's build fancy restaraunts and serve brocolli and spinach so they have fancy seats made of leather and cow. Toodles.

Suki's Secret Admirer

Suki I love you. Will you marry me.


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