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June 19, 2005


loan motorcycle

When you're buying a motorcycle you need to know about bikes, but you also need to know about how to buy a bike, and that

has nothing to do with engines and manufacturing. One important detail where a lot of people that purchase motorcycles go

wrong is getting the right loan.

motorcycle oil

A few years ago, it was difficult to find synthetic motor oils, and equally difficult to find someone who admitted to using them. Nowadays, however, you can find synthetic motor oils on the shelves of Wal-Mart, and other retailers, and the number of people turning to synthetic motor oils, particularly in light of the recent events affecting fuel prices, has risen greatly.

So why do people use synthetic motor oils rather than sticking with the old petroleum based stand-bys which are admittedly cheaper?

1. Let's start with the cost per quart issue. Synthetic motor oils ARE more expensive at purchase. However, these oils last longer, requiring fewer oil changes. As a synthetic motor oil outlasts several changes of petroleum based lubricants, the ultimate out-of-pocket cost of the lubricant is less. This cost savings becomes even greater if you have someone else change your oil for you rather than doing it yourself!

learning to ride a motorcycle

First was the eco-friendly cars. Now there are eco-friendly motorcycles. The problem with this is that most of these modes of transportation have slower speeds compared to today's petroleum powered machines - which the motorists are looking into. If ever the power of these nature-friendly machines will improve, I'd say more and more people will get interested.


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Has the motorcycle been released?


is driving at 50 mph sufficient? how do those kinds of speeds blow over on the freeway?


So where is the Picture of this Motorcycle? and do you have a way to convert gas fueled Motorcyles to a Hydrogen or a hybrid type???

I really wish it will be out very soon!

Jules Carney

I have been trying to understand this subject for a while, there is so much information out there, but your post helped me understand
the concept.

So thank you.

kia of riverside

If I'm not mistaken, these hydrogen powered motorcycles were already out on the market. We can't also deny that the launched of these stuff became somewhat the alternative solution on the continues increase of fuel.

Scepter Marketing Technologies

You can run your car on water! (Actually Hydrogen) I just recently converted my '94 chevy silverado to run on water. It cost me less than $100 for the parts I needed and it went from getting 14mpg to 33mpg. That's double the mileage for less than it cost me to fill up. There is definitely something to this water for gas technology, It works!

home loans

I would buy the Hydrogen 7 car today because I’m sick and tired of Middle East oil dictating to me how much I will pay for a gallon of gasoline based on their political whims. Also, diesel and gasoline will always pollute the environment to some extent no matter what scientist do.

Penis Enlargement

Well I think you are genius and the post is marvelous.

immo koop

I find it a great work. Thanks, I hope to see better reports in the future.

run your car on water

i did not know that you can do this for motorcycles. this is so cool.

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