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March 25, 2005


Denis Du Bois

Already-indebted states have had to pick up the ball where Congress has been too slow or reticent to enact incentives. Only the federal government can enact production tax credits at the level that creates economies of scale. Energy Priorities ran a series of articles about federal energy policy legislation (or lack thereof) last month. "2005 Energy Bill: Businesses Are Watching Closely" examines this issue from the perspective of wind energy giant GE Energy. "Energy Policy Legislation: Better Luck This Time" gave an overview of the legislation as we entered the 2005 congressional session.


our planet is an important thing (obviously) and we need to do whatever it takes to try to save it no matter what the cost. i mean when you think about it we worry so much about how much money its going to cost but if our planet is okay then we all die and if we all die then money wont exactly be an issue then will it?

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